Lease Plans

What is A Lease Plan?

 lease plan is an accurate drawing that identifies a leasehold demise within a property. For the sale of your property, you may be required to have a Lease Plan. if you require Land Registry-compliant Lease Plans for your property, residential or commercial, then please get in touch

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Lease Plans are now a legal requirement. The Land Registration Act 2002 came into force on October 2003, since then new leases of 7 years or more or existing leases sold with 7 years or more unexpired must be registered with Land Registry along with a compliant Lease Plan.

If you are selling your property with a new lease, or are increasing the length of your lease, or if you are extending the demise of your flat (extensions etc) then you will need a new Lease plan.

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We will provide a lease plan within 2 days of instuction, More complicated p[lans may take longer but client will recieve them within 7 working days.