Residential Block Management

What block management?

Block Management is in-depth, managing the communication between freeholders and contractors, to ensure maintenance standards are kept. A managing agent is tasked with ensuring that not only do the contractors work effectively but that they are value for money.

Our Services

Let us take care .

Taking care of a residential building can often be stressful and time-consuming, and a freeholder may not have the time or professional skills to take this on. Therefore, giving a BMC control of the property eases the burden of landlords and ensures the leaseholders receive the best services. Besides, a well-maintained property helps to retain its value.

Our Services

What our service entails.

A good BMC should be well staffed with property teams proficient in the necessary skills for managing the property. For instance, they should understand legal aspects such as tenancy and leasehold property laws. They should know the property infrastructure as well as the environmental landscape

Our services include:

– Insurance claims

– Health and safety compliance

– Building maintenance

– Site visits