Building surveying

What is a Building survey?

A building survey is an expert inspection of a property’s condition. It identifies any problems with the building to a prospective buyer. The inspection is completed by a surveyor who visits the property and prepares a report outlining any problems.

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Why do I need a building survey?

Our clients require a building survey for a range of reasons, examples include:
If you are a prospective purchaser or tenant who is considering whether to purchase or lease a new residential or commercial property, you will need professional advice on the building’s condition and the cost of future repair and maintenance liabilities. If identified, major issues can often be reflected in the terms of the sale or lease.

Also, well-timed pre-acquisition surveys can provide tangible and often significant savings by supporting negotiations, identifying risk, and delivering proposed solutions.

If you have a have predetermined idea of what you want to do with a building you are leasing or acquiring, the feasibility of these plans can be assessed and incorporated into our survey report.


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So why choose us?

Lenders (banks and other financial institutions) need to know loans taken out on property (resdential, commercial or mixed use) is suitable and that the risk is properly managed. They need to make an informed decision on whether any loan they make is secure. Getting this right is therefore vital.

Obtaining a valuation by an experienced professional is essential. Reputable banks and other lenders will only consider a valuation report prepared by a Chartered Surveyor and Registered Valuer in accordance with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors’ (RICS) Red Book.

Our building consultancy professionals are located in Bristol, Birmingham, Cambridge, Oxford, Leeds and London. Our designated teams contain highly qualified and experienced chartered building surveyors who consistently provide a professional, effective, and personal service.

We currently undertake many building surveys for both residential and commercial freehold and leasehold clients. Working closely with our commercial and investment teams, as well as our project management colleagues, we are well placed to give balanced, commercially focussed advice.