Housing association Valuations

What are Housing Association Valuations?

Whether you’re planning on selling or you’re looking to buy a higher percentage of your shared ownership home, you’ll need an independent, RICS registered Chartered Surveyor to provide a valuation of your home. Here at Dunphys, we’re experienced in providing Housing Association, and Shared Ownership Valuations. 
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How does it work?

One of our RICS certified Chartered Surveyors will inspect your property, taking into account the location, how it is built, the size, number of rooms and the overall condition of the home. Based on the qualified knowledge and observations of our surveyor, and comparison with similar properties in the area, you will then be given a figure that they have determined to be the value of your property. These valuations are valid for around 3 months.

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Where we can step in

If you live in social housing that you share with a housing association company, and intend to purchase further shares or sell the property, then you will need a Housing Association Valuation or Shared Ownership Valuation, this type of valuation will establish the correct and fair market value of your property.